Valle de Bravo, Mexico.
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The FlyMexico Team exists for the pursuit of flying hang gliders and paragliders. Jeff has near of 40 years of aviation and aerospace experience in the Austin, Texas area with near 25 years of operations in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Alex is a native of Mexico and is in Valle year round and was behind the Meson del Viento. Potro is the man. Vampiro exists. Various guides, co-hosts, and associates work with FlyMexico and we organize a great team. Our efforts have benefitted many.

Fly Mexico is part of a company lineup including Fly Texas, Go...Hang Gliding!!! and Red River Aircraft, Inc. This lineup is the result of the efforts of Jeffrey Hunt and many friends and associates. Jeff has roots in hang gliding and paragliding that date near 40 years (39 is pretty close). Jeff's interest in aviation led to a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 1987. Jeff has been elected Regional Director for Texas and Louisiana to the Board of Directors for the United States Hang Gliding Association (USHGA) for six years. His ratings with the USHGA include Advanced Instructor and currently one of the few Tandem Hang Gliding Instructors in Texas. Jeff competes nationally and internationally in cross country and speed gliding events and has organized numerous regional and national competitions as well.

    • For more information contact Jeff Hunt at 512 - 467- 2529
    • 5710 Fairlane Dr. Austin, TX 78757
    • Or by e-mail